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“Any good music must be an innovation.” - Les Baxter.  This statement best describes D. Lyles'  thought process.  Based out of Dallas, TX, he has mixed and mastered various genres of music, ranging from Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Soul, and Gospel .

When it comes to mixing or mastering, Lyles' state-of-the-art hybrid system dispense the best of both worlds in the analog and digital domain.  Rooms are acoustically treated and tuned to hear every fine detail of your mix! Working with independent artists from around the world  is a constant task for D. Lyles.  His distinct sound is what keep clients consistently coming back!

All of D. Lyles' past and current projects contribute to growing his success.  Constantly evolving and becoming the best at what he does, “learning mode” allows him to stay on top of new developments and technologies in the music industry today.

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